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  Hosted by Sandia National Laboratories and the University of New Mexico 

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Santa Fe, New Mexico / June 30th - July 2nd 

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You are invited to participate in a workshop discussing Cognitive Systems

Currently, the term "Cognitive Systems" is used broadly to refer to technologies that range the spectrum of AI, Expert Systems and Human Machine Interaction. A more delimiting definition is offered that describes a Cognitive System as follows:

"A Cognitive System is one that utilizes psychologically plausible computational representations of human cognitive processes as a basis for system designs that seek to engage the underlying mechanisms of human cognition and augment the cognitive capacities of human users, not unlike a "cognitive prosthesis."

In this definition, emphasis is placed on psychologically plausible machine-based representations and it is this emphasis that is believed important in distinguishing a new family of technology solutions from the bulk of ongoing activities in AI, expert systems, intelligent systems, agents, etc. Sandia National Laboratories and the University of New Mexico are co-hosting a workshop to explore current thinking and activities with regard to the above understanding of a cognitive system. Topics to be addressed in the workshop include:

  • Differentiation between cognitive, AI, and expert systems, as well as other related fields

  • Ongoing research and developments in cognitive systems

  • Principles in conceptualization and design of cognitive systems

  • Opportunities for the advancement of cognitive systems

Keynote Speaker

The keynote speaker will be Dylan Schmorrow. Dr. Schmorrow is currently the Project Manager for the Augmented Cognition (AugCog) Program and the Control of Agent Based Systems (CoABS) Program at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. For more information on Dr. Schmorrow, see his current bio.


The workshop will occur over two days in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and will be held from June 30th - July 2nd. It will combine presentations from leaders in the field and breakout sessions in which selected issues will be considered at some depth. See the workshop agenda for specific scheduling of events.

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Cognitive Systems: Human Cognitive Models in System Design Workshop
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