1836 Lomas Blvd NE 87131
FAX 277-2276

   Mail Stop Code:
      MSC02 1760
   Department Head
      Professor of Military Science
      LTC Timothy R. DeLass                          277-2274
   Battalion Executive Officer
      MAJ Donald Braught                             277-2272
   Assist Prof of Military Science                   277-2283
   Sr Military Instructor
      MSG Jeffery Robinson                           277-2290
   Training Officer
      CPT Kevin Keirnan                              277-2284
   Supply Technician
      Mr. Duane Gettis                               277-2255
   Recruiting Officer
      Mr. Erik Sevigny                               277-2270
   Assist Prof of Military Science
      1 LT Joshua Ramos                              277-2288
   Human Resources Assistant
      Mr. Roger Garza                                277-2261
   Human Resources Assistant
      Mr. Andrew Talbott                             277-2275
   Admin Assistant
      Pamela Madrid                                  277-2250