North Campus
FAX 272-5350

   Mail Stop Code:
      MSC09 5100
   Information                     272-2311
   Interlibrary Loan/Document Deliv                  272-8052
   Learning Design Center                            272-5382
   NM Health Historical Collections                  272-8873
   Resource Access and Delivery                      272-4943
   TECHS User Support (Help Desk)                    272-1694
   Director/Associate VP for
      Knowledge Management & IT
      Holly Shipp Buchanan                           272-2548
   Unit Administrator 2
      Lisa C. Romero                                 272-0634
   Business Services/Manager
      Marcia Sletten                                 272-8687
   Director, BioMed Inform Research
      Training and Scholarship                       272-6937
      Philip Kroth, MD
   Director, Lib & Edu Services
      Brian Bunnett                                  272-4688
   Director, Technology Support Svs
      Owen Ellard                                    272-3684

HSC Privacy Office
   BRF B 23B                                         272-1521
                                                 FAX 272-2461
   Mail Stop Code:
      MSC 08 4760
   HSC Privacy Officer
      Sophia Collaros       272-1493
HSC Security Office
   BRF B34B
   Mail Stop Code:
      MSC09 5100
   HSC Security Officer
      Barney Metzner         272-1696