ACC 5th Fl, 2211 Lomas NE
FAX 272-4628

   Mail Stop Code:
      MSC10 5550
   Regents' Prof & Chair
      Pope L Moseley, MD                             272-6032
   Chief Finance Officer
      Mike Maes                                      272-0083
   Chief Operations Officer
      Shannon Griego                                 272-4508
   Special Projects, Finance
      Les Foust                                      272-3066
   Admin Support, Supv
      Linda Richardson                               272-6032
   Electronic Resources Spe
      Kate Fox                                       272-6182
Operations, HR, Academic Affairs
   Dept HR Rep
      Lisa Orona                                     272-0962
   HR Tech
      Maryhelen Pridham                              272-4499
   Admin Assistant III
      Anita Sedillo                                  272-3446
   Admin Assistant III
      Jolyne McCrary                                 272-0283
   Front Office Operations
      Rebecca Chavez                                 272-4661
Finance Office
   Accountant III
      Rebecca Pena-Ortega                            272-2567
   Accountant II
      Vacant                                         272-3065
   Accountant II
      Judy Gonzalez                                  272-3062
Office of Education
   Graduate Medical Education
   Residency Training Program
      Betty Chang, MD, Vice Chair                    272-6331
   Associate Director
      Jenny Jernigan, MD
   Associate Director
      Greg Fotieo, MD
   Assistant Director
      Dana Fotieo, MD
   Assistant Director
      Michelle Harkins, MD
   Unit Administrator I
      Linda Simmons                                  272-4865
   Sr. Medical Residency Coord
      Shawnee Martinez                               272-2992
   Admin Assistant III
      Lisa Sullivan                                  272-6331
   Clerkship Director
      Deepti Rao, MD                                 272-6617
   Assistant Director
   Coordinator, Scheduling
      Melissa Cordero                                272-6617
Off of Qlity, Sfty, & Clinical Op
   Senior Vice Chair
      Richard Crowell, MD                            272-3311
   Vice Chair of Clinical Ops
      Lee Brown, MD                                  272-6110
   Medical Director for
      Quality Improvement
      Julie Broyles, MD                              272-2700
   Assistant Medical Director
      Vacant                                         272-2147
   Sr Practice Specialist
      Amanda Dronet                                  272-6339
   Executive Assistant
      Shauna Rodgriguez                              272-3311
Office of Research
   Vice Chairman
      David S Schade MD                              272-4657
   Sr Contracts & Grants Admin
      Marisa Sanchez                                 272-6330
Off of Faculty Devlpt & Diversity
   Vice Chair
      J. Rush Pierce, MD                             272-8128
   Director of Diversity
   Program Coordinator
      Vacant                                         272-8128
VA Affairs
   Vice Chair
      Ravi Durvasula, MD                             256-2802
Divisions Programs/Centers
   Cardiology                                        272-6020
   Center for Global Health                          272-5016
   Center for Life                                   925-4551
   Center for  Occupational Health
      Services (CEOHP)                               272-1515
   Endocrinology                                     272-4658
   Epidemiology & Biostatistics                      272-4180
   Gastroenterology                                  272-4755
   General Medicine                                  272-2147
      Section of Integrative
      Medicine                                       272-0283
   Geriatrics                                        272-5837
      Palliative Care                                272-4868
   Hematology/Oncology                               272-2151
      Section of Radiation/Oncology
   Hospitalist Medicine                              272-8997
   Infectious Diseases                               272-1670
   Native American Diabetes Prog
      (NADP)                                         272-8465
   Nephrology                                        272-4750
   Project ECHO                                      272-6169
   Pulmonary                                         272-4751
   Rheumatology                                      272-4761
   Sleep Center                                      272-6110
   Translational Informatics                         272-6509