Scholes Hall, Rm 327
505 277-6128
FAX 277-5271

   Mail Stop Code:
      MSC05 3480
Vice Pres/Research & Econ Dev
   http://research.unm.edu                           277-6128
   Vice President
      Julia E Fulghum                                277-6128
   Assoc VP for Research
      Michael Dougher                                277-6128
   Interim Assoc VP for Rsrch Admin
      Carlos Romero                                  277-4186
   Programming Planning Manager
      Kevin Stevenson                                277-0955
   Spec Assistant to the VP
      for Stratetic Initiatives
      Connie Beimer                                  277-2498
   Special Assistant to the VPR
      William Gannon                                 277-3488
   Financial Officer
      Kathryn Green                                  277-2949
   Accountant III
      Joanna Garcia                                  277-6521
   Admin Assistant III
      Amy Cordoba                                    277-6128
UNM Economic Development
   Chief Economic Dev Officer
      John Garcia                                    277-5604
DTRA Project
   Assoc VP for Strategic Projects
      Frank Gilfeather                               272-7042
   Sr Research Engineer III
      Greg A Mann                                    272-7037
   Operations Manager
      Gloria K Sanchez                               272-7042
   Mgr, Trans IS Research
      Matthew Baca                                   272-7744
   System Administrator
      Candace Shirley                                272-7039
Research Administration
   UNM Business Center, 1700 Lomas  NE               277-4186
                                                 FAX 277-4185
      Suite 2200
   Mail Stop Code:
      MSC01 1247
    Assoc VP for Research
      Carlos Rey Romero                              277-4186
   Admin Coordinator
      Arlene Brummett                                277-5358
Pre-Award Services, main
   1700 Lomas NE                                     277-4186
                                                 FAX 277-4185
   Administrative Assistant II
      Belinda Garley                                 277-4186
   Sr Contr & Grant Administrator
      Brenda Baker                                   277-2341
   Manager, Research Administation
      Ann Powell                                     277-8806
   Contract  & Grant Administrators
      Denise Padilla                                 277-2258
      Shannon Denetchiley                            277-7647
      Julie Morrison                                 277-9512
      Monica Waguie                                  277-1264
      Diana Sargent                                  277-9517
      Kevin Ferrell                                  277-2292
   Operations Manager
      Lydia Salas                                    277-7575
   System Administrator
      Brian Christian                                277-1744
   Admin Assistant III
      Orlena Casaus                                  277-5793
   Admin Assistant II
      Belinda Garley                                 277-4186
Faculty Rsrch Support Services
      Denise Wallen                                  277-7649
Publications, Comm & Training
   Managing Editor
      Valerie Roybal                                 277-8382
Research Ethics and Integrity
      William Gannon                                 277-3488
                                                 FAX 277-6792
      William K Michener                             277-6790
   Associate  Director
      Katharine Mitchell                             277-6790
   Program Admininistrator
      Anna Morrato                                   277-6793