The Graduation Project
University Advisement & Enrichment Center, Room 170

Phone: (505) 277-0896
Fax: (505) 277-9275

Information for Current Students

Welcome to the Graduation Project.

We are here to help you complete your degree!

  • Please complete and return any forms that have been mailed to you. We need this information to complete your file. If you need to be re-admitted, you will hear directly from the Admissions Office when you are re-admitted.
  • After we receive your completed materials, you will receive a Progress Report. This report will help when you meet with your academic advisor.
  • Make an appointment with your academic advisor to review your classes. Do not register for classes until you determine what classes are needed to complete your degree. Your advisor will help you understand the Progress Report and verify what classes you need to graduate.
  • Also, ask your advisor about applying for graduation. Graduation is not automatic. You must apply for graduation.
  • Once you have been re-admitted and meet with your advisor, it is time to register for classes. If a class you need for graduation is closed, call us immediately-- we will make every attempt to get you into that class.* We are able to over-enroll only PRIOR to financial disenrollment. After financial disenrollment has occurred, you will have to "yellow card" into any closed class. *Restrictions Apply.
  • Set up a payment plan through the Bursar's Office or pay tuition in full. You are financially responsible for your tuition.
  • You are ready to attend class. Please remember, we are here to help and to answer your questions.