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Special Issue: July 29, 2002
The Gordon Presidency -
1998 - 2002

All the president's people
Staff on frontline

By Michael Padilla

It takes a village to raise a child. At UNM it takes an office to support a president.

President Gordon’s office, which consists of seven employees, may not seem like a big staff — but their work is enormous. The staff coordinates appointments, keeps track of the president’s activities, responds to inquiries and serves as liaisons.

They are on the frontline of the most important office on campus.
From left: Breton-Jojola, Carver, Martin, Bojorquez, Maestas and Nieri. Photo by Michael Padilla.

The staff consists of Ricardo Maestas, executive affairs officer, Barbara Carver, assistant to the president, Patrice Martin, executive administrative assistant to the president, Norma Jean Bojorquez, administrative assistant II, Liliana Breton-Jojola, administrative assistant II, and Robert Nieri, accountant I. The newest member of the team, Roberto A. Ibarra, serves as special assistant to the president for diversity initiatives.

Maestas serves as an advisor to the president (see accompanying story).

Carver, who serves as office manager, handles high level University searches and is currently working on the search for the Office of Equal Opportunity director. She writes for the president and is in charge of special projects.

Martin handles the president’s schedule and is the official record keeper for the Board of Regents.

Bojorquez is the point person for University House. She gives out information to the community and is a meet and greet person for the office.

Breta-Jojola is also a meet and greet person and works closely with Ibarra.

Nieri is responsible for the accounting for both the President’s Office and for the Office of Advancement.

Ibarra directs and coordinates UNM’s strategic diversity initiatives.
In addition, Scott Alley from Communications & Marketing assists the president and Mrs. Gordon with special events. Lorraine Gutierrez is the University House assistant.

Carver says the office staff plays an important role at UNM.

“Many people don’t realize all the behind scenes communication and coordinating we do,” Carver says. “A lot of issues that are very important to people both on and off campus come through this office and it’s our responsibility to see they are attended to.”