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Special Issue: July 29, 2002
The Gordon Presidency -
1998 - 2002


Fond farewell to President Gordon...

President William C. Gordon shook thousands of hands warmly, genuinely conferred hundreds of awards and graciously attended countless staff and faculty ceremonies. This special issue is a glance back, a look forward, and a tribute to a job well done.

Staff, faculty and members of the community line up to bid Gordon adieu. Photo by Brian Lucero.
Vice Provost Jerry Dominguez and Gordon are both active in youth athletics. Photo by Carolyn Gonzales.
Police Chief Kathy Guimond, left, and Vice President Judy Jones, right, share a warm moment with the Gordons. Photo by Brian Lucero.
Hilary Jetty of Development says goodbye. Photo by Laurie Mellas-Ramirez.
Former Governor Bruce King and wife Alice frequented many UNM events with the Gordons. Photo by Brian Lucero.
Athletic Director Rudy Davalos presents a Lobo t-shirt to Jonathan Gordon as student Regent Eric Anaya, left, looks on. Photo by Laurie Mellas-Ramirez.
One last photo op with Gail Kaplan of the Anderson Schools and Louie Lobo. Courtesy photo.