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Special Issue: July 29, 2002
The Gordon Presidency -
1998 - 2002

“You can quote me”

I have enjoyed working with Dr. Gordon. His leadership inspires the University. From a Board of Regents perspective, he has challenged us to see UNM in a new light, to see it for what it can be, not just what it is now. President Gordon has brought a focus to the University’s contribution to economic development in the state of New Mexico. What was fragmented has been coordinated and involves the entire campus. I hate to see Dr. Gordon go.
Larry Willard, president, UNM Board of Regents

Dr. Gordon was always accessible to the alumni. His great sense of humor combined with his keen intellect made him so easy and enjoyable to work with. Above all, he understood the importance of a strong, independent Alumni Association and the many ways in which alumni support the University.
Steve Ciepiela, CFP, President, UNM Alumni Association, 2002-03

President Gordon is a man of character and professionalism. It was very easy to talk with him about student issues and concerns that were raised by the student body. He will be greatly missed.
Misty Salaz, assistant news editor, Daily Lobo

I hired Bill in 1978. At that time he was a promising young teacher and researcher. He showed an interest and talent in administration early on...Bill was a very lively fellow...he was very conservative and cautious fiscally...I'm sure he will do quite well at Wake Forest.
Henry Ellis, former Psychology Dept. chair and professor emeritus

Bill is one of those individuals who spoke and acted with great sincerity about the university community - from the educational community to his much loved Lobo sports teams.
Connie Beimer, immediate past president, UNM Alumni Association