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Current Issue: July 29, 2002
Volume 38, Number 2

EMBA awards UNM scholarships

By Steve Carr

Two staff and one faculty member have been selected scholarship recipients for the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program at UNM.

From left: David Maguire, CIRT; David Gonzales, Internal Medicine; and Gary Smith, Physical Plant, are the 2002-04 recipients. Photo by Steve Carr.

Gary Smith, Ph.D, associate director of the Physical Plant, David Maguire, associate director of CIRT and Dr. David Gonzales, associate professor, Internal Medicine, were selected for the class of 2002-04.

Co-sponsored by the Vice President for Business and Finance, Vice President for the Health Sciences Center and Dean of the Anderson Schools of Management, the program demonstrates UNM’s commitment to career development opportunities for staff.

The EMBA is an intensive two-year program with classes offered every other weekend on Friday and Saturday. The unique format is designed for experienced managers.

“Having a scientific background didn’t prepare me to manage such a large and diverse workforce of 287 in the Physcial Plant Department,” said Smith.  “With an in-depth professional management education from UNM’s EMBA program, I hope to become a more valuable asset to UNM.”

“I hope to use my EMBA skills to give something back to the Health Sciences Center to cope better with these complicated times,” said Gonzales.

The first UNM staff scholarship recipients Chris Vallejos of Auxiliary Enterprises and Clara de la Cruz Watral of the General Library, will complete their studies in early-September.