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Current Issue: July 29, 2002
Volume 38, Number 2

Human Resources

Electronic application ready for use first week of August

By Susan A. Carkeek, Associate Vice President/Director Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources, in cooperation with the EMIS Project, has developed a new electronic system for hiring UNM staff that will be ready for use by the first week of August. The new system will eliminate paperwork and allow HR staff to proactively recruit in the local community and across the country.

Dubbed “eJOBS,” this system incorporates Job Finder, the web-based tool that notifies applicants by email or telephone about new UNM job announcements. Applicants will complete one employment application via the web and use it for any job for which they apply. Applications can be revised and updated at any time. eJOBS can be accessed at http://ejobs.unm.edu.

eJOBS will develop a resume for each applicant based on the data entered by the applicant. Resumes can be tailored for specific jobs. The resume format is flexible enough to accommodate many different kinds of work experience. In addition to being used for UNM staff jobs, the eJOBS resume can be printed out and used whenever a resume is needed. eJOBS also allows applicants to develop, print and save a cover letter.

Applicants can develop their application/resume and cover letter by typing directly into the eJOBS program or they can cut and paste text from existing electronic resumes or cover letters into eJOBS. The completed application/resume can be submitted to Human Resources electronically, through the eJOBS program, or it can be printed and submitted by fax or in person.

This is the first phase of an all-electronic employment process, to be fully implemented later this year that will allow us to electronically screen and refer applications to hiring departments via the web.

To support the program, we will open an off-campus Employment Center, located at the new Lobo Center, by the first week in January.

The Employment Center will have free parking and computer workstations for applicants. HR staff will be available to assist applicants with the electronic application as well as answer questions about UNM employment.

In the meantime, applicant workstations will be available at 1717 Roma and the Health Sciences Center Human Resources office. Temporary Services staff has moved to 1712 Las Lomas to accommodate this change.

We encourage anyone looking for a staff job at UNM to register for Job Finder (http://jobfinder.unm.edu) to be notified about open job announcements.

To stay informed about all upcoming improvements to the UNM hiring process, check the Human Resources Announcements section of the website under What’s New (http://www.unm.edu/~hravp/whatsnew/index.htm).