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Current Issue: August 19, 2002
Volume 38, Number 3

Comment sought on conflict of interest, leave policies

Faculty and staff are invited to review and comment on proposed policy statement 2030 “Conflict of Interest” and proposed changes to Policy 3430 “Catastrophic Leave” by Sept. 6. Comments should be sent to Vice President Julie Weaks Gutierrez' office or via e-mail to ubppm@unm.edu.

The proposed drafts are available to faculty, staff and students accessing the UNM web page through UNM computers. The URL is http://www.unm.edu/~ubppm.

The legislature amended the conflict of interest statutes that apply specifically to state institutions of higher education (Sections 21-1-17 and 21-1-35). Proposed policy statement 2030 “Conflict of Interest” reflects the change in law and deals with the other statutes and considerations that affect conflict of interest.

On Nov. 1, 1993, the University adopted the Catastrophic Leave Program, a voluntary program that allows staff to donate a portion of their accrued annual leave to assist coworkers who are experiencing an unusual or catastrophic illness or injury and who have exhausted their own leave banks.

The program has been very well received, but its success resulted in some unanticipated impacts on ill or injured employees and departments pertaining to funding, shortfall of donations and perceptions of improper use.

The University appointed a committee to review the policy and propose changes.

The proposed revised policy statement “Catastrophic Leave Program” Policy 3430 incorporates the committee’s recommendations.