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Current Issue: August 19, 2002
Volume 38, Number 3

UNM Foundation tops $40 million in private support

By Steve Carr

The UNM Foundation has announced that it received more than $40 million in private funds during the 2001-02 fiscal year, 6.7 percent more than its goal of $37.3 million. The record-setting figure constitutes a 13.5 percent increase over the previous fiscal year, which brought in a then-record $35.3 million.

Private donations to UNM have risen by nearly $9 million since 1999-2000
$31.4 million
$35.3 million
$40.07 million

“We are pleased that donors continued to support important programs for UNM during the past fiscal year, which was marred by September 11 and continued upheaval in the financial market,” said Judy Jones, vice president for Advancement. “Our foundation and development staff, as well as deans and faculty members involved in fundraising, deserve an enormous amount of credit for their success in securing and stewarding private gifts that contribute to our teaching, research and public service mission.”

Nationally, educational contributions have been declining. In the 1990s, contributions rose by more than 10 percent a year. Contributions slowed to a six percent increase in 2000 and dipped to a half percent increase last year, says Leslie Elgood, president of the UNM Foundation and director of Development.

“Our long-time donors and hardworking staff certainly ‘carried the day’ in fiscal year 2001-2002,” said Elgood. “Our donors responded to appeals geared toward keeping the importance of quality education at UNM positioned front and center. Staff continually challenged thoughts that economic times were making our jobs difficult and non-productive. When the going gets tough I think the strength of UNM’s mission and vision and its relevance to New Mexico kicks in.”

The rise in private contributions and grants to UNM was due in large part to: a growing recognition of strategic importance of UNM both in the future of the state and to the nation; increased community and faculty involvement in development efforts; and continued professional development of UNM’s fundraisers, support staff and the organization as a whole, Elgood says.

Two areas where contributions increased came from non-alumni and foundation giving. An increase of 35.9 percent was attributed to non-alumni, while an increase of 26.9 percent came through foundations. Those gains offset a decline in corporate contributions which declined 16.5 percent reflecting the current business climate.
The UNM Foundation is an incorporated not-for-profit organization with the responsibility to receive, invest and distribute gifts of private support to UNM. For information, call 277-4503.