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Current Issue: August 19, 2002
Volume 38, Number 3


Michael Zeilik, UNM professor of physics and astronomy, recently received an astronomical award–the American Astronomical Society 2002 Education Prize.

In announcing the award, the committee noted that “for the past 30 years, Mike Zeilik has been an innovator in the field of astronomy education and science education more generally...He has led our profession in developing collaborations, both with other astronomy education faculty and with researchers in the area of science education.”

Zeilik specializes in introductory courses for the novice, non-science major student and is a pioneer in astronomy education research at the university level. He has garnered support for these undertakings from the NSF and NASA. At UNM, he has been named a presidential lecturer, the highest award for faculty.


KNME-TV received a Rocky Mountain Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter for “Route 66 In New Mexico,” an episode of the COLORES! series. Produced by Cindy Gaillard and Chris Purrington, it won in the Feature Presentation category.