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Current Issue: September 16, 2002
Volume 38, Number 5

Childs honored at library reception

Mark Childs, assistant professor, School of Architecture and Planning, will receive the Faculty Acknowledgement Award from the UNM General Library Thursday, Sept. 19 at 3 p.m. in Zimmerman Library’s Willard Reading Room.

Childs, director of the Design Planning Assistance Center (DPAC), will present, “Square Design,” a look at public space design for urbanists.

His presentation will focus on public spaces – plazas, squares– and even such places as parking lots, bus stops and gang mailboxes. “Anywhere where people gather to talk about public issues,” he says.

Childs points out that after the events of Sept. 11, people came out of their offices, apartments and buildings and gathered in parks and squares to talk about what happened. “Those spaces are important. We need them. And I think they can be designed better,” he says.

Childs is pleased to give an introduction to the general public about public places. “Receiving the award from the library allows me to share what I know with a very challenging audience, including my peers,” he says.