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Current Issue: October 28, 2002
Volume 38, Number 8

Library sponsors blood drive

The UNM General Library and campus groups team up with United Blood Services (UBS) for the fifth year to sponsor a blood drive Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 30-31 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“Through this blood drive we benefit United Blood Services and the needs of people in the community. This event brings the campus community – from north, south and main campus – together to make this a success. With an ambitious goal of 250 pints of blood we rely on students, staff and faculty participation to help us attain that goal,” says Jan Dodson Barnhart, program manager, library development office.

The drive will take place at three campus sites both days: Zimmerman Library, and at UBS buses at the Research Park between buildings 801 and 851, and at Yale and Las Lomas.

“Since UBS requires 250 pints daily to keep up with their needs in New Mexico and the four corners region, there is always a critical need,” says Nancy Troutman of UBS community relations.

Widespread participation is needed because the theoretical risk of transmitting the human form of Mad Cow Disease forced new restrictions that now prevent the groups of individuals from being able to donate blood.

Troutman says that less than four percent of the eligible population donates. “And those who do donate can only do so every 56 days,” she says.

Anyone who has gotten a tattoo in the last year is deferred.

Although tattoo artists use a new needle for each customer, they reuse the ink. So, by putting a clean needle in dirty ink,
they are driving up the number of Hepatitis C cases. Not only
will those individuals be ineligible to give blood, they will be future recipients.