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Current Issue: November 25, 2002
Volume 38, Number 10

UNM provost selects search committee for Gallup director

UNM Provost Brian Foster has named members of a search committee who will select the Gallup Campus executive director.

Foster gave the committee its charge at a Nov. 19 meeting.

Howard Smith, Ph.D., dean of the Anderson Schools of Management, will chair the committee.

Other members are: Ruby Wolf, Gallup Campus board member, Pueblo of Zuni, Women, Infant, Children Program; Alyse Neundorf, Ph.D., and Robert Hoffman, faculty, Department of Arts and Letters, Gallup; Dr. Elizabeth Gilbert, faculty, Department of Health Careers, Gallup; Chris Chavez, faculty, Department of Applied Technology, Gallup; Cheryl Learn, Ph.D., faculty, main campus; Ronald Petranovich and Keelie Garcia, staff, Gallup; Tim Gutierrez, staff, main campus; Dr. Alicia Rosenbaum, Student Senate President, Gallup; Jennifer Baker, student; Gallup; R. David Pederson, attorney, Gallup; John Pena, mayor, City of Gallup; Thomas Ray, director of Student Services, Gallup; Bruce Payette, Ph.D., program manager, Extended University, Gallup; John Dowling, president, Western Bank, Gallup.

Daniel Lamb, administrative assistant to the UNM deputy provost, is the search coordinator.