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Current Issue: November 25, 2002
Volume 38, Number 10

Green turns text into treasure

By Carolyn Gonzales

Kathryn “Kate” GreenCalculator and spreadsheet, needle and thread and pen and paper are all a part of Kathryn “Kate” Green’s toolkit.

A certified public accountant (CPA) working for Terry Yates, vice provost for research, Green makes sure that indirect costs associated with contract and grant funding are distributed properly.

“At some universities our counterparts handle the grants ‘cradle to grave.’ At UNM, the post-award is handled by the controller’s,” she said.

She said that splitting the activity pre- and post-award can provide a system of checks and balances.

“Since research is mainly a faculty, provostial area, it makes sense for us to handle it up front. Since post-award involves more accounting, it’s logical for it to go to business and finance,” she said.

Green also looks at cost sharing for sponsored projects. “More and more often funding agencies are looking for a show of support from the institution or a third party, another university or another award. For instance, a third party, say APS, may volunteer or dedicate teachers’ time. Meanwhile, federal regulations are getting tighter and tighter. Now every penny must be documented and a separate account established for cost sharing,” she said.

She and her husband, KOAT journalist Rod Green, lived in Denver and Florida – where she designed costumes for several dance companies. This is the Greens’ second stint in Albuquerque. They lived here for a few years in the 1970s and have been back since 1986. The couple has three adult children.

An 11-year UNM employee, Green came to UNM as an accounting technician in 1991 and earned her CPA through the Anderson Schools of Management in 1995. Her UNM time has been accounted for in chemistry, the Center for High Technology Materials, General Accounting and Contracts and Grants.

It was while taking classes that her particular art form evolved. “I was a doodler,” she said. She would write continuously what the professors said as a way to concentrate. “It must’ve worked. I passed the CPA exams,” she said.

What started as simple cursive writing changed with the color of ink. Switching from blue to brown ink within a line allowed text to transform into a mountain peak or the top of Elvis Presley’s head. As she continued writing, the lines of text became lines of color transforming into art. She created an image of a mountain at sunset with cottonwoods turning color in the foreground. The text that she used to create the image is “University of New Mexico,” over and over again, line after line, color upon color.

She created a profile of Elvis Presley using the text, “Elvis Aron Presley” repetitively. She has used the Hail Mary prayer to create the image of the Madonna. The Book of Genesis and Celtic blessings have also come to life on paper.

Green has sold some of her pieces, but has a hard time determining the value.

The walls in Green’s office in Scholes Hall feature some of her artwork. The job involves dollars and cents, but the lady behind the desk is much more.