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Current Issue: January 21, 2003
Volume 38, Number 12

Former Russian foreign minister to speak at UNM

By Carolyn Gonzales

Andrei V. Kozyrev, former foreign minister of the Russian Federation, will present, “Russia and the West: A New Spirit of Cooperation” on Wednesday, Jan. 22, at 3:30 p.m. in Dane Smith Hall, rm. 125. The event is free and open to the public.

Kozyrev was appointed foreign minister of the Russian Federation in 1990 and held the post until 1995. He was the longest serving foreign minister since the end of the Soviet Union.
Since 1995, he has been a deputy at the State Duma (Parliament). He also lectures at the Moscow Institute of International Relations.

“Dr. Kozyrev’s visit presents a rare opportunity for people in New Mexico to hear about the Russian perspective on the West. He presents a pro-Western point of view, but he believes that the Western economic philosophies will never overshadow the vast cultural riches of the Soviet Union,” Associate Professor of Russian Natasha Kolchevska said.

In addition to serving as a political and economic analyst, Kozyrev is the author of “The Transfiguration,” a book in which he examines and advocates for democratic and market-oriented reforms in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Kozyrev argues in favor of the Non-Proliferation Treaty to ensure, “a progressive movement toward a world free of nuclear weapons.”