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Current Issue: January 21, 2003
Volume 38, Number 12

Extended U, Continuing Education to be separated

The University has formally separated the Extended University and the Division of Continuing Education, said UNM Provost Brian Foster.

Since 1999, when Extended University was formed it has shared the organizational and management structure of the Division of Continuing Education and both units have been led by Jerónimo (“Jerry”) C. Domínguez as vice provost and dean, respectively.

Foster said recent growth and development of the two units requires reorganization.

The Extended University is responsible for delivery of all off-campus, upper division and graduate credit courses and degree programs, using emerging technologies that are significantly expanding the institution’s ability to provide high quality instruction throughout the state.

The scope and complexity of these developments within Extended University have “reached a point where it now requires Jerry’s full attention,” Foster said. “At the same time, we need to ensure that UNM’s Continuing Education will continue to be developed for the thousands of people who rely on its many programs and services.”

The Division of Continuing Education is currently celebrating 75 years of providing a variety of training, personal enrichment and other programs, largely to residents of the greater Albuquerque area.

“Thanks to the leadership of Jerry Domínguez, UNM now has a great opportunity to effectively re-focus and further develop both the Extended University and the Division of Continuing Education,” Foster said.

Domínguez will continue to serve as dean of the division until a successor is selected. “We expect that will be near the end of the 2003 spring semester,” Domínguez said. “When the new Continuing Education dean is hired, I will focus solely on further developing the Extended University in ways that will maximize benefit to New Mexicans throughout the state. The needs and growth opportunities are tremendous.”

UNM’s Extended University coordinates and facilitates the development of courses and programs to serve the identified needs of individual communities and remote areas in the state. In conjunction with the separation of the Extended University from Continuing Education, Extended University administrative functions have moved to the main campus and are now situated in Suite 12 in the basement of the Student Health Center. This location will allow Extended University staff to better coordinate with academic, student service and technology infrastructure departments and units, Dominguez said.

The Extended University has six field centers, some co-located with UNM branches in Gallup, Los Alamos and Taos, as well as in Santa Fe, Rio Rancho and at Kirtland Air Force Base. Several communities have the capacity to support the delivery of one-way video, two-way audio instruction. In addition to satellite-downlink instructional television, Extended University courses are delivered online, via correspondence and other methods.

UNM’s Division of Continuing Education and Community Services provides professional development and personal enrichment courses, certification training and computer programs, as well as leadership and management programs and customized training. Additionally, the Division manages UNM’s Spanish Resource Center, located at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque. The division also provides conferencing facilities at its location at 1634 University Blvd. NE.