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Current Issue: March 3, 2003
Volume 38, Number 15

Human Resources

New eHIRE aids hiring officials
Developed as another step to automate

By Susan Carkeek, Human Resources director

When eJOBS, the new online application process developed by UNM Human Resources and CIRT, launched in August 2002, applicants to UNM staff positions applauded the new system.

eJOBS allowed applicants to build their resumes online, edit as needed and submit a resume and cover letter by simply linking to a job posting. No longer did applicants have to fill out a separate application for each position for which they wanted to apply. Applicants also liked the new Application History feature, which allowed them to track the status of their applications by logging onto their eJOBS account.

Although it is not yet a requirement for applicants to apply online with eJOBS for all staff positions, in the month of January 2003, 87 percent of the 4,732 applications received were submitted via eJOBS.

eHIRE for departments is the next step in developing the automated hiring process. Human Resources wanted to make it as simple for departments to access the applications for their positions as it is for the applicants to apply.

In January 2003, Human Resources launched eHIRE as a pilot program designed to electronically link hiring officials to the new online application process. Departments participating in the pilot can manage their own job postings and view applications online by logging onto a secure Internet site. By viewing their pool of applicants, once the minimum posting period has passed, departments can determine if they need to extend the closing date and do additional advertising for the position or close the posting and begin the hiring process.

Beginning in March, all administrative assistant and information technology job titles will be added to the pilot.

Once eHIRE is fully implemented, every department will receive all applications electronically, along with the forms required to complete the hiring process.

Human Resources has also included many new tools in eHIRE, such as the ability to screen the pool of applicants electronically by asking a series of questions based on preferred qualifications for the position.

As the number of applications received annually by UNM continues to grow, Human Resources staff acknowledge that they cannot continue to handle the recruitment and application process in the same manner they have in the past. New ways are needed to assist UNM departments to manage the quantity of applications received.

eJOBS and eHIRE were developed to streamline the application and hiring process from both the applicant’s and department’s point of view. We are excited to bring these cutting edge employment processes to UNM.