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Current Issue: March 17, 2003
Volume 38, Number 16

Lehman takes on new challenge

By Laurie Mellas-Ramirez

Beth Lehman says her new coworkers in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences are knowledgeable, supportive
and helpful.

Strangely enough, staff who worked with her regularly while she was an employment representative for Human Resources use the exact same adjectives to describe Lehman. Plus one more, “she’s fun,” said Marketing Specialist Eleanor Sanchez, who nominated her for this column.

After more than eight years at Human Resources, Lehman left five months ago to join E&P as department administrator.

A semester earlier, fate drew her to take a geology class through the department.

“I had so many rocks in my yard that I wanted identified. I could either bring them here in a wheelbarrow or bring one at a time to a class,” Lehman said.

Yep, there’s that “fun.”

“It was hard to leave Human Resources, but it was time for a change and a new challenge,” Lehman said.

Although some of the duties she had to learn stone cold, her background in managing information and tasks comes in handy as she helps set E&P course schedules, assign classrooms, manage payroll and budget, and handle details for faculty promotion and tenure and graduation. She works frequently with the Arts and Sciences and Graduate Studies’ offices and other campus entities.

“I made so many professional, generous university contacts working at Human Resources. It’s fun to work with people in a whole new way,” Lehman said.

Born in Pennsylvania, Lehman said she lived back east for much of her youth and also spent time in California. She graduated from UNM and also studied for a year in Turkey. While living in Washington, D.C., she worked at a hospital as director of volunteers.

In Albuquerque, she has served as a dispute mediator for the courts. She is also a staff dispute mediator on-call for UNM’s Dispute Resolution Department.

“There is a resolution to everything,” she said. “I firmly believe that everything can be settled verbally, although there are plenty of people who don’t agree with me.”

Mother of two grown children, she has one grandson in Florida whom she adores. Now that her kids have flown the coop, she raises chickens and sells the eggs each summer.

Lehman said she loves the university as a workplace. “I can get up from my desk cross-eyed after a long day and walk across the hall to a world famous museum,” she said.

“Where else can you do that?”