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Current Issue: April 14, 2003
Volume 38, Number 18


Ryan holds open Admissions door

By Carolyn Gonzales

Associate Director of Admissions Robin Ryan stood ready to pinch hit for Director Cindy Stuart who was out of town. It appeared a trip to Santa Fe to speak out against lowering admissions standards for student athlete transfers was in order.

“We are very much opposed to it. We maintain one set of standards for all students. There are both constitutional as well as NCAA concerns associated with lowering the standards,” Robin said.

Talking to legislators demonstrates that working in Admissions is not all about sitting behind a desk.

Although UNM is a big machine, the system itself is made up of individuals.

“We are a bureaucracy, but we are here to help the students navigate through it,” she said.

If a student must be denied admission, “we work with them to take courses at TVI or other two-year schools to boost their skills,” she said.

Robin recently helped a staff member whose son was attending UNM while still in high school. “A student can be enrolled concurrently at UNM and in high school,” she said.

A concurrent enrollment student must re-enroll each semester and then apply for admissions when ready to attend UNM fulltime.

A native of Silver City, Robin has personal and family connections around the state and to UNM.

She earned her undergraduate degree in English from the College of Santa Fe. The “City Different” had been her home away from home for many years. She earned a master’s in public administration from UNM in 1989.

Robin had twin brothers, Kerry, and Kevin, a 1984 graduate of the UNM School of Architecture and Planning.

“The running story in the family was that Kevin would design a house and Kerry would build it,” she said.
That was not to be. Kevin died of AIDS in 1991 (see accompanying story below).

Her father, Murray Ryan, served in the State House of Representatives for 30 years. Every year, mom and dad and the youngest Ryan children – plus the family dog – trekked to Santa Fe and lived there during the legislative session.

“It was a wonderful growing up experience. I think we were very fortunate,” Robin said.