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Special Spotlight Insert

HSC's Cartmell: great person doing great things

By Cindy Foster

Judy CartmellThe screensaver on Judy Cartmell’s computer is a quote by Vincent Van Gogh and a constant reminder to her of how to get through a busy day – or a busy life: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Cartmell serves as associate controller for the UNM Health Sciences Center and also heads up the finance implementation of Project LINK, a University-wide project to revamp and integrate University business and administrative processes to make them more efficient and customer focused.

When asked how to juggle so many balls, she points to her screen saver and adds one more piece: “If you are going to tackle something big, then don’t do it alone. There is strength in a group.”

“People are at the core of any project,” she says. “They are going to be both the source of your biggest difficulties and the foundation for your successes.”

She’s been following her own advice since she first joined UNM 23 years ago in the payroll department. Over the years, she’s gained a reputation for being able to manage people and organize projects.

She was temporarily reassigned in the fall of 2002 to become project manager for the finance implementation of Project LINK. The multi-faceted project will be implemented over the next five to seven years beginning with the finance component that will include the introduction of web-based purchasing, accounts payable, research accounting and general ledger systems.

It’s a big job with long hours. But that is nothing new to Cartmell. “I’ve always had a stressful job, starting with the payroll position.” she said. “Whenever you deal with finances and people it’s stressful.

“I’d never have been able to do any of this without my husband. He’s always been very supportive of everything I’ve done at the University. He cooks dinner, we share the laundry and he doesn’t get upset when I get home late. It makes it easier to let go of some things when you know the important ones are covered.”

Family is the center of her life when not at UNM. The Cartmells have two sons and they’ve always been involved in their activities. She also enjoys the outdoors, reading, going to movies and being on the back of her husband’s motorcycle on weekends as the two travel the area.

Cartmell relies on support from friends in all aspects of her life. She credits exercise with “keeping me sane.” Knowing she’s meeting a neighbor at the stop sign at the end of her block for a daily run, makes it easier to get up at 5 a.m.

She even earned a master’s degree – one class at a time after work, with two growing boys at home – by relying on friends.

Several of her coworkers used to get together for coffee and they started taking classes together, she said. “Knowing they were going to be there made it easier, on nights when I was really tired, to show up and get the work done.”

Being able to guide a group at work also means being able to knit together a great safety net for stressful days, she said.