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Special Spotlight Insert

Rebecchi promotes KNME- TV

By Carolyn Gonzales

Joan RebecchiKNME-TV Channel 5 Marketing Manager Joan Rebecchi stresses that working hard and working smart are necessary when trying to balance a career and a family.

Mother of 8-year-old Zachary and 3-year-old Hannah, time with family is precious, she said.

“I can’t waste time. Time management is very important. I have to be very organized in order to get the job done and have quality time with my children,” she said.

Prior to her 1986 arrival at UNM, Rebecchi worked at independent television station WGBO in Chicago, her hometown. “The station was like KASA, or PAX TV. I had to be really creative with the commercials and promotions we ran. Sometimes we were pretty outrageous in creating promotional campaigns for shows or movies like ‘Elvira: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes,’ or ‘Godzilla vs. King Kong,’” she said.

Also in Chicago, she worked as a publicist for Universal Pictures. “It was great. We got to hold movie screenings for critics, agents and radio stations. When the films’ stars or directors came to town, I set up interviews with the press,” she said.

Thinking about moving out of Chicago, she thought about maybe California. But while on vacation in Las Vegas she was invited to come to Albuquerque for the balloon fiesta.

She came to KNME in 1986, still on the career fast track. Once here, she was recruited by the new Professional Writing program in the English Department to teach a course for a couple semesters.

“I taught Writing for Advertising, Public Relations and Promotions. The students probably thought I was too hard. They wanted to give me excuses why they couldn’t get assignments in on time and I wanted them to realize that deadlines are real in this business,” she said.

By 1989, Rebecchi’s résumé landed her a job with PBS affiliate WQED-TV in Pittsburgh as communications director. After one year she returned to New Mexico. She missed the state and she missed Patrick Fry, whom she married in July 1990.

She returned to KNME and is actively engaged in every aspect of marketing and promotion for the station. “We put together Ventana, the KNME monthly member magazine, press releases, kids club materials, the digital television newsletter and are responsible for the production and writing of all the on-air break material,” she said. “We are also responsible for the Web site.”

The marketing department, a four-person staff, is also responsible for all advertising of programs and station activities including placing paid print, radio and cable advertisements, she said.

Rebecchi’s promotion staff also coordinates KNME’s special events, local program screenings and promotion of local productions.

The advent of digital television keeps the job fresh, challenging and exciting, said Rebecchi.