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Current Issue: June 23, 2003
Volume 38, Number 22


Pardo touted as U’s best supervisor

By Laurie Mellas Ramirez

Linda Pardo
Divisional Office Manager
University Controller

Rarely is a supervisor nominated for this column by staff he or she supervises directly. Linda Pardo, divisional office manager for the University Controller, is the exception.

And her employees, Theresa Chavez and Fred McEnroe, say she rules.

“We nominated Linda for the Spotlight because we think she is the best supervisor anyone could ever dream of having. She is fair, competent, flexible, peaceful, centered, good-natured and has a wonderful sense of humor,” Chavez said.

Pardo is a transplant from Oregon, but fits perfectly here in New Mexico. A Billy the Kid and Lincoln County War buff, she is also interested in nature, the earth and herbal medicine.

“Linda has a great outlook on life. She is a great listener and always has optimistic advice, “ McEnroe said. “She balances a very professional attitude with flexibility and respect. She is inclusive, patient and kind.”

“She is dedicated to work and values the things she does in and outside the office,” Chavez added. “Linda is very interested in us as people. She is supportive of career development, growth and encourages training.”

Pardo says her healthy workplace has trust as its base and good leaders at its peak. She reports to LaDene Diamond who works for Associate Vice President for Business and Finance Bill Britton.

“I can be supportive because Bill and LaDene are supportive of me,” she said, gesturing toward a message LaDene wrote on the chalkboard before departing for the Memorial Day break. “May everyone have a happy, healthy, peaceful, productive and mindful holiday weekend,” it read.

Pardo says she is “the spoke in the wheel.” She facilitates communication between those who supervise various areas throughout the operation. Within the scope of responsibility for the unit are all business transactions, including payroll, purchasing, contract and grant accounting, student accounting and cashiers operations, taxation, accounts receivable, accounts payable, plant fund accounting, and general accounting.

The Controller assures compliance with all financial policies, rules, and regulations adopted by the University or imposed by external agencies, including state and federal audit requirements. The Controller also maintains the official financial records of the University.

Pardo loves diversity and has a background to prove it. At UNM since 1999, she has also served as corporate director for a human resources department, managed an art gallery and was a liaison between universities and international study programs in Greece, Mexico and England. She holds bachelor and master degrees both in psychology and Spanish from Indiana University.

“I follow what I feel drawn to,” she said. “I came to the ultimate diversity place to live.”

Pardo added, “It feels like Camelot right now. It could go away. I hope not. You have to be ready and be fluid. It’s trust versus fear.”

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