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Current Issue: June 23, 2003
Volume 38, Number 22

College of Education building named for former dean
Travelstead honored

The College of Education administration building was recently dedicated as Travelstead Hall in honor of former dean Chester Travelstead, Ph.D., and his contributions to the college, university and education.

UNM President F. Chris Garcia presided over the ceremony attended by more than 200 of Travelstead’s friends, family and colleagues.

Travelstead served as dean of the College of Education from 1956 to 1968 before becoming vice president for Academic Affairs and then UNM’s first provost.

“Openness, light and diversity were the hallmarks of Dean Travelstead’s leadership and they are the foundation of building a better future for New Mexico.”

COE Dean Viola Florez

“I thank President Garcia and the University of New Mexico Regents for the great honor they have bestowed upon me by affixing my name to this beautiful building. I am very appreciative and humbled by the action they have taken,” Travelstead said, adding praise for retired faculty Harold Drummond, David Darling and Frank Angel who recommended to current Dean Viola Florez that the building be so named.

Under Travelstead’s leadership, the college acquired its first accredited doctoral programs, implemented the first entrance exam requirements for second-year undergraduates, and created a University-wide advisory council to improve teacher preparation.

However, his achievements went beyond internal programs. The college also expanded its outreach and accountability to the Albuquerque Public Schools and the New Mexico State Department of Education and significantly expanded educational outreach to Latin America. Travelstead also championed the college’s move from aging Hodgin Hall to a new eight-building COE complex in 1963.

“We…honor one of the college’s most important deans, a man who was instrumental in placing teaching – both in classrooms across the state and in the college itself – on a modern, professional footing,” Florez said at the dedication. “He was the force that moved the college from the then-failing Hodgin Hall to a new COE complex. This award-winning building, which was designed by noted Albuquerque architect Max Flatow, was the first building [at UNM] to break with [Spanish Pueblo Revival] tradition...Its striking stained glass mosaic is reminiscent of the beauty of our multicultural population. Openness, light and diversity were the hallmarks of Dean Travelstead’s leadership and they are the foundation
of building a better future for New Mexico.”

Travelstead continues to improve teacher education, Florez said.
Three years ago, he began work with the college to establish an endowed faculty position in teacher education.

“Thanks to his hard work and the generous contributions of his friends, family and members of the community, the campaign qualified for an additional $37,500 in state matching funds provided by Senate Bill 14, and today, the UNM College of Education Chester C. Travelstead Distinguished Faculty Fellowship is now a reality,” she said.

Following the building dedication and at a luncheon in Travelstead's honor, an oil painting of the former dean donated by Albuquerque artist Leo Nufield was dedicated to the COE by Travelstead's two sons, Coleman and Jim.