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Current Issue: July 7, 2003
Volume 38, Number 23

Travel per diem changed July 1

The New Mexico Legislature amended the New Mexico Statute on Per Diem and Mileage and UNM travel per diem changed effective July 1, 2003.

Reimbursement for use of a personal automobile increased from 25 cents per mile to 32 cents per mile. Meal per diem rates increased from $22.50 to $30 for travel within New Mexico. Meal per diem rates for all other travel (including international) is increased to the rate allowed by the Internal Revenue Service, but can not exceed $45. High cost destination meal per diems in excess of $45 are no longer allowed. The meal per diem rate may be combined with actual lodging expenses when requesting reimbursement.

The daily per deim rate increased from $75 to $85 for travel within New Mexico and $115 for all other travel, but these rates cannot exceed the rate allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. International travelers may no longer use the Department of State daily per diem rates. If this daily meal per diem rate is inadequate the traveler may wish to submit actual lodging expenses and take the meal per diem rate described above.

Travelers should carefully review Policy 4030 “Travel” at http://www.unm.edu/~ubppm/ubppmanual/4030.htm for applicable procedures when completing their travel vouchers.

A new policy statement 1030 “Gifts Made to the University” has been approved by UNM President F. Chris Garcia and issued with an effective date of July 1, 2003. The proposed policy was sent to the campus for a thirty-day review period that ended April 4. Other revisions have been approved and issued affecting: Policy 3405 “Holidays,” Exhibit A. of Policy 3500 “Wage and Salary Administration,” Policy 3785 “Dependent Education Program,” and Policy 6040 “Commercially Owned and Operated Equipment on University Property,” a minor change to address newspaper racks.