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Current Issue: August 25, 2003
Volume 39, Number 3

D.H. Lawrence Ranch placed on State Register of Historic Places

The UNM ranch of author D. H. Lawrence has been nominated to the National Register of Historic Places and placed on the State Register of Cultural Properties. The Cultural Properties Review Committee (CPRC), which oversees the Historic Preservation Division of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, recently nominated the property where Lawrence lived and wrote several significant works, including “The Plumed Serpent.”

The nomination, prepared by Virginia Hyde, Department of English, Washington State University, was five years in the making. It drew unanimous praise from CPRC members recently appointed by Governor Bill Richardson to nominate historic properties to the state and national registers.

Terry Gugliotta, university archivist and chair of UNM’s Historic Preservation Committee, said the property, named “Kiowa Ranch” by Lawrence, represents several aspects of the writer’s personal and literary life.

“The connections are significant at every level because of the life he lived there and the writing he did on the ranch,” Gugliotta said.
The 16-acre property near San Cristobal in Taos County is of local, national and international importance, says Joe McKinney, university planner.

Hugh Witemeyer, board member of the D.H. Lawrence Society of North America and UNM professor of English, said, “placing the property on the state and national registers will help raise the status of the ranch for endowments to pay for continued maintenance.”