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Current Issue: September 22, 2003
Volume 39, Number 5

Stefanovic receives NSF award

Darko Stefanovic, assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science in the School of Engineering, has received a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award.

The five-year grant is for $450,000. Stefanovic’s research involves recently discovered deoxyribozyme logic gates as a new foundation of decision-making and computational logic networks.

Stefanovic, with Milan N. Stojanovic of the Department of Medicine, Columbia University, established last year that molecular logic gates can be built using deoxyribozymes, which are enzymes that catalyze nucleic acid reactions.

Their newest result, a first-ever game-playing molecular automaton, appears in the current issue of the journal Nature Biotechnology. The automaton, called MAYA, implements a version of tic-tac-toe. Stefanovic says the goal of the proposed research is to establish the basis for modular and reliable construction of larger circuits using deoxyribozyme logic gates that can one day be used in medicine.

Stefanovic and Stojanovic hope the broader impact of the work will eventually provide models of deoxyribozyme logic circuits, modeling techniques and software artifacts including simulators and oligonucleotide libraries to the scientific community.