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Current Issue: October 6, 2003
Volume 39, Number 6

Forrest funded for ITR data mining project

An additional large ITR award funded this year benefits the work of UNM Computer Science Professor Stephanie Forrest. She is co-principal investigator on a $12.5 million ITR award titled, “Sensitive Information in a Wired World,” led by Stanford University Professor Dan Boneh.

The goal is to develop methods for data mining that respect and protect individual rights, but allow law enforcement and legitimate users to mine massive data sets. The research team will also
develop database tools that enforce privacy policies while managing sensitive data and release tools for end-users to prevent identity theft via spoofed or malicious websites.

“The research we’ll be conducting at UNM focuses on two aspects,” Forrest said. “In the past we have studied biologically inspired methods for computer security. My role in the project is to think about biologically inspired methods for protecting data. In particular, one of the projects we’ll be working on involves privacy enhancing databases. The idea is to protect the privacy of personal information stored in databases, while still allowing legitimate activities such as epidemiological studies or searches for potential terrorists.”