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Current Issue: October 6, 2003
Volume 39, Number 6


McCormick strives for eco-friendly U

By Dan Ware

Linda McCormick, Resource Conservation Manager, Safety, Health and Environmental Safety (SHEA)As Linda McCormick strolls across the UNM Campus, she sees opportunity everywhere she looks – opportunity to help protect the environment and prevent pollution.

McCormick has been with UNM for two years in the Safety Health and Environmental Safety (SHEA) office and was just promoted to resource conservation manager. Her previous position was pollution prevention specialist.

It’s her mission to identify environmental, pollution and recycling issues and to assist campus departments, organizations and offices in coming up with viable solutions to their needs.
McCormick’s success is well documented in the number of awards

and recognition the university has received from the city and other entities due, in large part, to her efforts.

Not content to just help UNM become more environmentally friendly, McCormick volunteers for numerous conservation and recycling projects around Albuquerque. She recently helped out with an event sponsored by Intel, which encouraged residents to recycle old and out-dated electronics.

She also devotes time to encouraging young women and girls to pursue careers and education in math and science through the annual UNM hosted “Expanding Your Horizons in Math and Science” conference.

“Women get negative messages about the math and science fields,” McCormick said. “Through the program I’m able to help women learn how satisfying these careers can be.”

An avid outdoor enthusiast, McCormick uses her creativity to cultivate a garden that is environmentally friendly.

“My plants have to work hard for their water,” McCormick explained.
She uses her xeric landscaping knowledge to benefit the university as well, giving advice on the use of drought tolerant foliage and eco-friendly pesticides.

McCormick’s love of the outdoors and sense of order helped to steer her toward a career in pollution prevention. After earning a degree in biochemistry from the University of California at Berkely, she decided she didn’t want to be cooped up in a lab and went to work for a company that cleaned hazerdeous waste. Never tiring of furthering her education, McCormick recently earned a master’s degree in occupational safety management.

In her new position at SHEA, McCormick plans to focus on campus-wide recycling efforts.

“There’s a lot of potential for development and broadening of scope,” McCormick said. “I’d like to work on educating the university on the benefits recycling can give us.”

McCormick is happy to speak with any department or office regarding their recycling concerns. Call 277-9511.