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Current Issue: October 20, 2003
Volume 39, Number 7

White's support of staff education earns SC nod

By Laurie Mellas Ramirez

Geraldine White, right, consults with Marie Chestnut, Internal Medicine. Photo by Luke Frank.

Geraldine “Jerry” White, clinical department administrator II in the Department of Internal Medicine, was recently honored with the 2003 Staff Council “Staff as Students Manager Award.”

The award is bestowed annually to a manager who “demonstrates initiative in accommodating staff opportunities for education, training and certification and/or licenses; commitment to continued opportunities; and has creative and innovative ideas regarding access to educational, training and licensure/certification opportunities.”

A total of 17 nominations were received this year, including two for White. Staff Council committee members reviewed and scored the entry forms. 

Some 27 employees report to White. Her nominators wrote: “Jerry is a mentor and strong leader. She encourages staff to take advanced classes to gain training and knowledge. She allows time off with pay to take classes if not offered after regular work hours [in accordance with UNM policy], and she provides continued support in both professional and personal growth for her staff.

“Jerry supports her staff in both career advancement through training to achieve a management position and educational opportunities to pursue degrees. She supports her staff with opportunities for advancement through the Career Ladder Program and the Management Academy. She believes in her staff and by providing educational opportunities and training allows them to be better employees.”

White said that being a mentor is part of being a manager. She credits her own mentors and being a mom as good training for the manager she has become. She was at UNM from 1987-’97 and returned in 2001.

“One of my goals when I came back to UNM was to be a better listener. I continue to work on this skill because it helps me to
understand what someone may need -- an encouraging word, a pat on the back,” White said. “I feel that I have been training my entire adult life for this job. It is one that I love.

“Another of my goals is the hope that someone on my staff will want my job when I retire. This won’t happen unless my staff develop skills in the areas of finance, management and administration. Having a well-trained staff makes my job easier. I would hope that all managers recognize the importance of training, mentoring and having staff who are challenged in their work.”