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Current Issue: November 3, 2003
Volume 39, Number 8

Faculty Senate looks at accountability

By Carolyn Gonzales

Faculty Senate met last week and voted Ed De Santis, University Honors, as president elect. Sherri Burr, School of Law, had been selected, but resigned recently. De Santis said he is a “strong advocate of faculty governance,” and that he looks forward to following President Beverly Burris’ “two years of progressive development.”

Provost Brian Foster was on hand to answer questions. A topic of discussion was a club, like the old Faculty Club, but for use by faculty and staff. Foster reported that various campus sites have been looked at, including renovating the upstairs of Jonson Gallery.
“It would cost between $500,000 and $600,000 to renovate in order to make it ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] accessible, meet codes, etc. We would also need operating revenue,” Foster said.

The SUB proved not to be a viable option, but another site under consideration is the Visitor’s Center on the corner of Redondo and Las Lomas.

“It would need very little work to be useable and will be available soon,” Foster said.

Burris gave her report, noting that a committee of 12-15 is reviewing core curriculum. “Most on the committee are faculty. We anticipate that the process will take 12 to 18 months and will include research on core curricula at other institutions,” she said.

Burris reported that Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs Richard Holder is examining how the deans’ review process has been working, assessing the five-year review and looking to conduct annual reviews of all deans, including graduate and library deans. Part of the process is to create an assessment instrument.

Burris reported on the Commission on Higher Education, noting that some state community colleges have trouble recruiting faculty in districts with high K-12 salaries. She reported that the top K-12 salary in Carlsbad is $66,000.

Burris said they are looking to revise Faculty Senate bylaws to increase the size of the operations committee. More colleges will be represented on the committee and it will allow for the past president to be a voting member.

Mark Chisholm, director of Institutional Research, presented performance-based budgeting measures. Some agreed-upon measures the state legislature is requiring cut across all of higher education. Others are institution specific.

Common goals include increasing the number of transfer students from two to four-year schools; raising graduation rates; and providing accessible education, which, for UNM, Chisholm described as reaching out to Native American students, perhaps as far back as middle school.

Among UNM specific goals, the institution is to raise the number of degrees awarded through Extended University; increase total research and public service expenditures by UNM; and increase the total number of graduate and undergraduate degrees awarded.

Hugh Witemeyer, English, questioned the goals, noting that in shared governance the faculty should have had the opportunity to help establish the goals.