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Current Issue: November 3, 2003
Volume 39, Number 8

New, improved Faculty Handbook available online

The new and improved Faculty Handbook is available electronically at http://www.unm.edu/~handbook/

The edition is a revision of format and restructuring of content from the 1990 edition.  The handbook remained unchanged, essentially, from its original version dating back to December 1966.

In 1998-99, many individuals and committees, including the academic freedom and tenure committee, carried out major policy revisions, the most important part of the faculty handbook.

The contents of the Faculty Handbook have been grouped into seven main sections: The University; Policy on Academic Freedom and Tenure; Faculty Rules and Benefits; Teaching and Student Related Policies and Information; Research; Branch Campuses; and Additional Policies of Relevance.

“Policies have been approved and changed over time. The new handbook is primarily a reorganization and represents a change in its structure and the way it will be used,” said Harold Delaney, chair of the committee on governance.