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Current Issue: November 17, 2003
Volume 39, Number 9

Economics teams with city for water survey

By Steve Carr

The UNM Economics Department has teamed up with the City of Albuquerque to conduct a water users survey on water priorities and values related to water use in the city.

Under the direction of UNM Professors Janie Chermak and Kate Krause, the department will create a survey designed for public input into policies and will help the council prioritize water issues. The survey will be sent to city users in their water bills. The department will analyze the data and prepare a report for the city.

“We thought that conducting this survey would be a good way to find out from the citizens what their water policy preferences and priorities are,” Krause said. “We think if residents had an opportunity to express their opinions, they might be more willing to support some type of holistic water conservation plan.”

“No one can question the credentials of the UNM Economics department to be the best ones to conduct the survey,” said Miguel Gomez, District 1 city councilor, who presented the resolution that passed on a 6-0 vote at a recent city council meeting.

“This will allow rate payers to communicate with the government,” said Greg Payne, District 8 city councilor.

As part of the agreement, the city will provide a $12,000 stipend for a UNM graduate student to assist with the collection and analysis of acquired data.