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Current Issue:  March 25, 2002
Volume 37, Number 17

Scharnhorst, Gandert receive Fulbrights

Gary Scharnhorst, professor of English; and Miguel Gandert, associate professor, communication and journalism; have recently been notified that they are the recipients of Fulbright scholarships.

Scharnhorst will participate in "International Migration and National Identities," a Fulbright German studies seminar to be held this summer in Berlin, Leipzig and Cologne. Of the 25 attendees from around the U.S. to be selected, Scharnhorst is the only person affiliated with a Department of English. This is Scharnhorst's fourth Fulbright to take him to Germany.

Gandert will be involved in a three-year project in Bolivia where he will photograph the feast day celebrations of the Indo-Hispano people in rural and urban regions. Gandert anticipates spending two months of each of the next three years on the project.

"The Fulbright allows me to continue looking at Mestizo ritual among the poorest indigenous populations in Latin America. The project will show the connection between American Southwestern rituals and those of Bolivia - demonstrating a unique shared heritage, both of which are products of the confluence of 400 years of Meso-American and Spanish Colonialism," Gandert said.

Gandert's first Bolivian photography exhibition will open at the Museum of Ethnography and Folklore in La Paz, Bolivia in May.