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April 19, 2004
Volume 39, Number 14

Will our network handle LINK?

By Fred Youberg

Over the past months, Project LINK has conducted various presentations across campus. Among the most frequent questions we get are those concerning the security and the reliability of the campus computer infrastructure. We are asked if information on the campus system will be secure and whether the campus IT infrastructure will be able to support the high levels of activity that LINK is expected to generate.

The short answer is “yes.” CIRT Associate Vice President Bill Adkins, who is also the lead of the Project LINK Technical Architecture Team, and CIRT Associate Director of Information Technology Gary Bauerschmidt say the computer infrastructure is already “solid with an availability of more than 99 percent, as well as problem resolutions within 24 hours or less.”

Despite this current high level of service, CIRT is making significant upgrades to the campus IT infrastructure that will even further address these issues, i.e. new hardware/software, additional network security devices and personnel to name just a few. These changes will provide the tools and people to anticipate and prevent problems so that when the system does go down (which it will now and then), it will be for a much shorter time.

Departments also have an important role to keep our systems up and running: by not using non-standard wireless devices, by not installing “hubs” as a cheap alternative to switched ports and by taking steps to protect their networks and the computers attached to them with robust, current anti-virus software.

For more information, read the April LINK Update on the LINK website, http://link.unm.edu .