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May 10, 2004
Volume 39, Number 15

Banner reporting process offers more

By Fred Youberg

In response to an increasing number of inquiries regarding how financial reporting will be accomplished in Banner, I’ve pulled together some basic information for you:

1. You will no longer receive printed monthly reports, but you will have access to all the same information (plus more!) in various formats. If all you want to do is look at your account reports once a month, the reports will be compiled in Banner and provided via E-print, which will be accessible via UNM’s portal (my.UNM.edu).

If you want the information more frequently, you will be able to “pull” it from Banner whenever you want. There will be at least two ways to do this—one utilizes Banner’s powerful query functions and the other will be the 20 or so standard reports being developed for departmental use.

2. The type of information you are keeping in your shadow systems and what kind of reporting you are using it for will determine whether you will be able to get rid of your shadow systems. Much of the information maintained in these systems will most likely be captured immediately in the Banner system when entering transactions.

3. Brio (or “Hyperion,” which is now the correct name after the buyout) is the web-based tool that will provide reporting from the Banner system. Departments will be able to use it free of charge for all standard and adhoc reporting using Banner data.

For more information, visit http://link.unm.edu/ and check out the FAQs for Finance.