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June 21, 2004
Volume 39, Number 16

UNM, three unions negotiate on contracts

By Susan Carkeek

Thirty-three percent of staff at UNM are covered by union contracts in four different bargaining units. The Communications Workers of America (CWA) represents two bargaining units, maintenance/operations jobs and clerical/technical jobs, covering 816 employees.

The United Staff UNM is the newest and largest bargaining unit adopted in 2001. It covers 937 individuals in educational and student support positions. The UNM Police Officer’s Association currently covers 31 employees.

The two documents that dictate the provisions of collective bargaining are the Labor-Management Relations Preamble (Regents Policy), adopted in 1970 and amended in 1999, and the Labor Relations Rules and Regulations. These two documents stipulate the practices governing collective bargaining at the university. UNM is exempt from the Public Employees Bargaining Act of 2003 because the University policy on labor relations was in place prior to 1991.

If an employee’s job title is in a bargaining unit, he or she is covered by the union contract regardless of whether the employee becomes a dues paying member of the union.

The union contract specifies terms and conditions of employment for all staff in that bargaining unit for a period of one to three years. Once the contract expires, the university and the union enter negotiations for a new contract. Typically, union contracts provide for annual wage negotiations to coincide with the university fiscal year budget process.

At Campus News press time, it was announced US-UNM will receive a five percent increase to their hourly rate effective June 26, 2004, as seen on the July 16 paycheck. The UNM Police Officer’s Association will also receive five percent.