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June 21, 2004
Volume 39, Number 16

LINK enterprise teams support implementation

By Fred Youberg

Most staff are aware that three LINK projects—Finance, Student/Academic and Student Financial Aid—are in various stages of implementation, with LINK Finance scheduled to “go-live” July 1, 2004.

Additionally, a fourth LINK Project—Human Resources/Payroll—is scheduled to begin implementation in January, 2005, with a possible fifth LINK project—Advancement (Alumni and Development)—tentatively scheduled to begin implementation later. Each project is staffed by implementation teams and their respective sub-groups and committees.

In addition to the implementation teams, there are three “enterprise” teams, which support the project implementation teams in performing their work successfully. The enterprise teams were formed in 2002 when the Project LINK management team recognized there would be issues to be discussed and decisions to be made that would transcend any one implementation project.

The three teams are the Institutional Issues Team (IIT), led by me, LINK coordinator; the Technical Architecture Team (TAT), led by CIRT Associate Vice President Bill Adkins; and the Transition Management Team (TMT), led by Associate Director of Human Resources Helen Gonzales.

The IIT was formed to deal with implementation issues ranging from how the new organizations codes should be defined to how we are going to enter names and addresses into the Banner system. The TAT focuses its efforts on technology and infrastructure issues and currently is working on more than 70 sub-projects of this type.The TMT works to identify key change management strategies and resources to support the implementation of Sungard SCT Banner.

Go to http://link.unm.edu/ for more information.