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September 20, 2004
Volume 40, Number 2

UNM adapting to Project LINK
Staff changes announced

By Fred Youberg

It has been two months since LINK Finance went “live” and things are happening. Some employees have really gotten the hang of SCT Banner and are having fun using it and learning about all of its capabilities. Other employees are still, understandably, learning about it via training and other venues that have been created; some are also frustrated by its breadth, depth and the changes that it brings (we’ve said all along it wouldn’t be easy).

But, the important thing is that UNM is adapting. Transactions are being made, purchases are being made and vendors are being paid. And, in the long run, the University will be a better and more efficient place.

In the midst of all of this activity and transformation, there are also some new changes within the Project LINK organization: Judy Cartmell, who is to be commended for the outstanding job she did as Project LINK finance director with the Phase I implementation of LINK Finance, has returned to her regular position as associate controller for the Health Sciences Center. Ava Lovell, who is associate controller for UNM’s main campus, now assumes the title of Project LINK finance director—she will be leading the Phase II Finance implementations.
Additionally, we are pleased to announce that the LINK Human Resources/Payroll Project now has a director. Her name is Bonnie Young and she comes to UNM eminently qualified to lead this project. Please help us welcome her to UNM and to the Project LINK family.