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September 20, 2004
Volume 40, Number

On the Bookshelf
C & J Prof writes speciality book with mass appeal

By Laurie Mellas Ramirez

Media Management in the Age of Giants
Iowa State Press, 2003
By Dennis F. Herrick

Well-crafted specialty books provide universal lessons.

UNM faculty Dennis Herrick has written a textbook about the business dynamics of journalism, but the copy should appeal to any worker who aspires to management and any citizen tuned into the role of mass media.

The emergence of giant media corporations with a focus on the bottom line ushered in a new era in Herrick’s chosen field. A full-time journalism lecturer in the Communication and Journalism Department, he has more than 35 years in the trenches, including a decade as a daily newspaper reporter, eight years as a congressional chief of staff and 12 years as owner and publisher of a weekly newspaper group.

His book “Media Management in the Age of Giants: Business Dynamics of Journalism,” published in November by Iowa State Press, is a witty, timely addition to journalism literature.

The rules have changed and Herrick teaches readers how to play by them. He introduces basic business concepts, terminology, history and management theories in a clear, conversational style using real-life examples and interviews with those at the top of their game.

He gives the scoop on evolving concepts, such as market-driven journalism, consolidation and geographic cluster ownership, coordination of news and advertising staffs, deep cost cutting and a growing reliance on “infotainment” and wire copy.

But the book goes beyond providing the tools needed for succeeding in the new media world. In the chapter “Qualities of Leadership and Management,” Herrick shares the traits employers look for when looking to promote underlings. He teaches readers about risk taking, decision-making, ethics, sales, marketing, market analysis, budgeting and other financial management.

The book’s companion Web site is a unique accessory, Herrick shared.
“The media industry is so dynamic that I felt it was important to have a Web site where I could continually update developments mentioned in the book. I made nearly 50 updates in the last year,” he said.

Herrick has crafted a textbook that will put students and media employees a page ahead of the rest of the profession.