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September 20, 2004
Volume 40, Number 2

Branch campus/state news

UNM works with business communities

By Karen Wentworth

The University of New Mexico, the Association of Commerce and Industry, Bank of America and the New Mexico Mutual Group are sponsoring events throughout the state that offer business people an opportunity to share concerns with lawmakers.

Issues raised at the breakfast and lunch events will shape the business agenda for the 2005 session of the New Mexico Legislature.

This is the third year UNM has worked with ACI to sponsor the “listening sessions.”

At each event, UNM public affairs and marketing representatives speak about the importance of the general obligation bond issues on the November ballot. General obligation bond issue B contains funding for the Health Sciences Center Human Anatomy Laboratory and the Centennial Engineering Building along with other long-term projects. Although UNM has some of the larger projects, major capital outlay items for other colleges and universities are also on the ballot question.

The sessions began in August and continue through mid-October.

Most events are organized with assistance from local chambers of commerce, economic development and civic organizations and try to reach a broad spectrum of business people.

ACI considers itself the equivalent of a statewide chamber of commerce and each year supports legislation business groups believe will strengthen the economic climate of New Mexico.
ACI Vice President for Government Affairs J.D. Bullington says,
“These meetings around the state help ACI prioritize the business issues in each legislative session. Education, particularly higher education reform, water and health care are going to be our top areas of focus based on the input we have received.”



Harwood exhibit depicts breast cancer themes

“In Praise of What Persists, Images of Breast Cancer,” by Kathleen C. Brennan, will be on exhibit at the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos through Nov. 28. The photography depicts the themes of loss and healing, body image and sexuality, privacy and disclosure, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Brennan, a Taos artist, photographed Kat Duff as she went through changes from biopsies and lumpectomy to mastectomy.