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Your faculty and staff news since 1965
September 20, 2004
Volume 40, Number 2

Literary folklorist named Chicano Studies director

By Carolyn Gonzales

LamadridEnrique Lamadrid, literary folklorist and professor of Spanish, has been named director of UNM’s Chicano Studies program. He served as the program’s interim director for a year and succeeds Dr. Eduardo Hernandez Chavez.

Lamadrid has been on faculty at UNM since 1985.
Lamadrid’s plans for Chicano Studies focus on inclusion, cultural activism, language recovery, internationalism, community involvement, regional studies and institutional articulation.

He sees a coming together of all Chicanos – urban and rural and those with all degrees of bilingualism and multiple identities – in the program.

Lamadrid wants to present a full calendar of cultural events. “It is a sure sign of vitality in Chicano Studies,” he said.

As a language professor, he understands the need to develop full bilingualism among Chicanos. “Those who professionalize their Spanish see doors open wide. Our Spanish heritage language program gives us great access to Nuevomexicano and Mexicano students to recruit into Chicano Studies,” he said.

Through his Conexiones program, students have explored the U.S. Latino cultural homelands, including northern and central Mexico, western Spain and the Caribbean.

“Travel seminars are an integral part of Chicano Studies. There is a rich in-house legacy in this part of our curriculum,” he said.
“Chicano Studies begins with community and advocacy.
Chicano Studies puts social activism into a historical perspective. A new emphasis on service learning will create opportunities for our students,” he said.

Lamadrid taught one of the first Chicano Studies courses at Los Angeles Valley College when he was a graduate student at the University of Southern California. He also taught the first Chicano Literature course at the University of Oregon where he was faculty advisor to MEChA.

Peter White, dean of University College, said, “Dr. Lamadrid is a superb teacher and demonstrated his administrative leadership last year while he served as interim director of Chicano Studies. We are extremely happy to have him directing this important and evolving program.”