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October 18, 2004
Volume 40, Number 3

LINK outcomes being evaluated

By Fred Youberg

How will we know if Project LINK is a success?

Early in our planning for Project LINK we decided that in this era of limited funding and increased accountability that an evaluation of the project outcomes was critical.

We found one of the country’s evaluation “gurus” right here at UNM – Dr. Halley Preskill of the College of Education – who helped us write our Request For Proposals and evaluate the RFP responses.

EndVision Research and Evaluation, LLC, based in Logan, Utah, was selected to perform the Project LINK evaluation. Dr. Catherine Callow-Heusser, the firm’s Director/Owner, has family here and took classes at UNM some years ago.

Currently, evaluators are meeting with process stakeholders, implementation teams and executive sponsors and asking, “What has to happen for you to say that Project LINK was a success?” This participative approach to building an evaluation plan is intended to help insure support and buy-in from the University community.

The first evaluation for Banner Finance will be done in early 2005. An overall, final evaluation of Project LINK will be conducted in late 2007.

There will be general and specific measures of success. Some data can be pulled from the database, such as elapsed transaction times. Other more subjective outcomes, such as attitude changes, will require interviews and surveys.

In addition to providing information concerning the outcomes of our project, we can use the evaluation “success metrics” to help guide decision-making. It is always nice to be able to see the target, before you have to pull the trigger.

Fred Youberg is Project LINK coordinator.