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November 15, 2004
Volume 40, Number 4

Project LINK offers integrated support

By Fred Youberg, Coordinator
Project LINK

When we began planning for Project LINK implementations, we decided that classroom training would be the first of three types of support that we would need for faculty and staff.

Second, in addition to classroom experiences and web-based training materials, we developed a comprehensive, electronic library of Job Aids (“how tos”) and standard operating procedures. These are the foundation for much of our training program and allow us to update procedures without maintaining expensive and cumbersome printed materials.

Third, we endorsed the concept of a LINK Service Center (LSC): a single point of contact for post-training functional and technical support. We knew that people doing their jobs with the new systems would invariably come across issues and problems for which no training curriculum could have prepared them.

Two full-time technical staff have been assigned by CIRT and the Controllers Office is providing staff on a rotating basis to the LSC. Since actual phone support consumes resources and potentially causes long delays for callers, the LSC utilizes two state-of-the-art support tools: Fastinfo and On-Line Chat.

Fastinfo is an electronic knowledge base that allows users to type questions or keywords and receive answers that have been approved for accuracy. Fastinfo also allows users to submit questions for inclusion in the knowledge base. Fastinfo also allows you to “subscribe” to a particular question and answer so that you are notified if it changes.

On-Line Chat allows an LSC consultant and a user to communicate by typing back and forth. It allows an LSC consultant to help multiple clients at the same time, thus extending our resources.