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November 15, 2004
Volume 40, Number 4

Major goals outlined for UNM President

CalderaThe Board of Regents recently set the performance goals for President Louis Caldera for the current fiscal year. Caldera participated fully in the development of these goals in a series of meetings with the regents during the past several months. He also indicated that the goals he set for himself are higher than those outlined.

A major goal for the university involves retention and graduation rates. The president’s formal goal is to retain 76 percent of the first-time freshmen who started at UNM in Fall 2004. He is also to ensure that 46 percent of those first-time freshmen graduate within six years. This goal takes into account the reality that most UNM students must combine work and school. The president has also been requested to see that UNM enrolls an increasingly higher proportion of New Mexico’s top 10 percent of high school graduates.

The regents set a formal goal for Caldera to continue to improve faculty and staff salaries, and that he continue to develop external relations with the legislature, with local constituents, the media and community service organizations.

Another goal set by the regents focuses on economic development. The president is asked to finalize the Mesa del Sol transactions, to work with the Science and Technology Corporation to create a more effective technology transfer office and to work with the national labs to develop joint research partnerships.

As the president finalizes his management team, the regents say they want him to create a high-performance managerial structure that delegates work efficiently. The performance of his team will be reviewed in judging Caldera’s effectiveness and performance.