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December 13, 2004
Volume 40, Number 5

ePAN among exciting changes in 2005

By Susan Carkeek, Director
Department of Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources is expecting some exciting changes in 2005. Among the first that employees will see is the implementation of an online PAN. The PAN is the University’s Personnel Action Notice and is used to initiate a number of employee-related actions such as new hires, salary increases, promotions, transfers, index or org code changes, etc.

The PAN is currently a three-part form and is one of the last university forms that must be completed using a typewriter. However, in January 2005, HR will announce the ePAN. The ePAN is an online form that allows the user to complete a PAN on a computer. The form will check for errors and in some instances, automatically fill some fields. The user can then view the completed form in pdf format, print it, and obtain the necessary approvals.

The ePAN is designed to save you time as well as be more cost effective. It also has a number of unique features. For example, by entering the hourly wage of the employee, all the totals in the salary section will be automatically calculated. Additionally, you will no longer need to look up job class numbers. By selecting the job title from a drop-down menu, the program will generate this number for you. There is also a feature that will verify the accuracy of the org codes and index codes.

More information about the ePAN will be sent to campus the week of Jan. 4 and employees will also have the opportunity to test it before it is implemented.

Three demonstrations are scheduled for the week of Jan. 10-14. Times and locations will be announced after winter break.

Please watch for more information on the ePAN in 2005.

Happy Holidays from the Department of Human Resources.