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December 13, 2004
Volume 40, Number 5

Project LINK offers integrated support

By Fred Youberg, Coordinator
Project LINK

Our Project LINK Training Team conducted 11 focus group sessions and developed a Web-based survey to help determine the effectiveness of the LINK Finance training that was implemented to support the “go-live.”

More people are spending more time on their computers doing their jobs. Part of the rationale for Banner was to decrease paperwork with electronic workflow and Web-based information access. Nearly 90 percent of the respondents indicated they use the computer more than half the workday as compared to only 55 percent pre-Banner.

Although we offered various training opportunities and methodologies, there were some clear favorites. The hands-on labs were considered most beneficial followed closely by training materials and job aids. Our move to online computer-based training (CBT) occurred post-implementation and time will tell if it is well received.

When asked where staff go for help, most first seek out knowledgeable co-workers. Calls to the various Finance offices, and accessing job aids and the FastInfo knowledge base are the next most popular sources. Least popular appeared to be LINK Service Center “Chat” and on-line CBTs.

The concept of Banner User Groups (BUGs) was very popular. A listing of BUGs and contact persons is on the LINK website.

You told us about improvements you’d like: Pull together all the support resources and make them easier to get to and understand; consistently communicate changes; expand the services provided by the LINK Service Center; and provide follow-up training opportunities.

We will be working hard to address these and I will report on our progress in this column.